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why choose us

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Quadra 70

The elegant taste of tradition, the awareness that differences must be emphasised and enriched with new balances. Quadra 70, thanks to its reassuring lines and its strong character, becomes the mirror of spaces that do not accept compromise and remain faithful to ourselves and our visions of home.


The Eko line is a perfect example of integration, whether intended as the ability to establish a correlation
between the furnishing elements in the same space, or as the desire to connect different areas of the house by designing “open space” furniture. A fair balance between spontaneity and originality that makes the free development of ideas possible, thanks to the versatility of environmentally friendly materials and to the ability to choose between “minimal” solutions making use of doors with or without a handle

Préparer mon devis gratuit

That is the reason why, instead of showing you collections from which to choose from, we show you an endless number of design and technical solutions to inspire you to create your own space, your own kitchen. No registration needed.